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drain cleaning plano txThe need for a homeowner to obtain drain cleaning services is when a clog or blockage in a drain leads to water backups into the home. This can occur in a sewer line or a drain line by tree roots and a variety of other reasons. Drains in your home drain more than just clean water. They will need to wash various substances, such as grease, dirt, soap, and food, to a city sewer or septic system.

The drain in a kitchen is used to wash food waste, soap, and even grease into plumbing pipes. This can lead to build up on the sides of the pipe that can cause blockage. Blockage will cause water to drain out of a sink slowly or not at all.

The sinks in a bathroom are used to wash away soap, toothpaste, and hair, and grime. This material can cause a blockage in plumbing pipes over time when it begins to accumulate. Hair buildup in the sink of a bathroom is the main reason for a clog. If you a bathroom sink is draining slowly, then a plumber or a pot of boiling water can be used to clear a clog.

The accumulation of grease, soap, and hair can cause a clog in a shower or tub. If you notice that water is draining slowly from your tub after a bath, then a clog may be present. Clogs often occur in the drain pipe or at the shower trap. Removing and cleaning the trap often restores function to the drain. This job is an easy task for a professional drain cleaning service.

Clogs in a toilet drain often occur because the material being flushed is not decomposing. Paper towel will not decompose and should not be flushed down the toilet. You should also not flush facial tissue or any type of baby wipes. The only paper to flush down a toilet is toilet paper. Drain cleaning service may be needed for a toilet if a child has flushed a toy or sock.

These drains are common in a basement, a garage, a laundry room, and even a patio. Their purpose is to drain away water to help prevent flooding. However, if underground drains become blocked form roots or dirt, then water can back up into your home. If you have large trees in your home, then any underground drain should be cleaned every two to three years.

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